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Our Vision, Mission, And Products

Our Vision

Our vision is for each person to have the tools they need to feel more relaxed.

Our Mission

Attunergy's mission is to increase relaxation by offering all-natural essential oil blends and sound healing tools. Using specific oil blends with or without meditation can enable a person to attune to the energy within themselves more easily. By noticing imbalances or energy shifts (emotional, mental, or physical) more frequently, a person can better manage emotions, energy, and overall personal health and happiness. Attunergy is your haven for relaxation.

Our Products

We handmake each of our products with compassion and precision. Our first product was our organic and alcohol-free bug repellent, bye-bye bugs. Next we launched the Chakra Balancing Oils with Crystals for meditation and self-awareness. Following these, we created wellness rollers for common ailments like headache, nausea, sinus and congestion, metabolism, and more. Next, we became obsessed with our Room and Linen Sprays, they are heavenly on the body and linen! And last but not least, our diffuser blends to help any space smell refreshed and cleansed.

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