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The Sunray Zaphir Chime is a radiant embodiment of summer’s warmth and vitality. This chime captures the essence of sunlight that nourishes and sustains life on Earth. It’s designed to bring the vibrant energy of summer into any space, making it perfect for sound healings, spas, savasana, or simply to infuse your environment with a sense of brightness and joy. Each Sunray chime is a unique piece that adds not only beautiful sounds, but also a visual element of warmth to your home. Its melody is like a sunbeam, cutting through the gloom to uplift and energize, reminding us of the power of light and its ability to bring life to everything it touches.

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Zaphir Chime Sunray is one of the most magical sounds you will hear! Not your ordinary chime! A sunray of course, is a fragment of sunshine. It is the light that brightens the earth during the day and it provides life and sustenance to our earthly bodies. It also represents the summer season. Great to use in sound healings, savasana, or for general relaxation. Whether used in a personal meditation space or as a calming presence in a busy environment, the Sunray Zaphir Chime is a celebration of the sun’s life-giving force and a reminder of the joy and abundance that light brings into our lives.

No two chimes are the same! They are really special and a beautiful addition to your home, even babies are mesmerized and calmed by the beautiful sound! Please tell me your top three favorite colors for the chime. Chime colors based on availability and may vary. Color selections not guaranteed.

You can keep these chimes outside, but best to bring them in during inclement weather/at night as they could and will varnish faster.

More details:
The 5 tunings are named in relation to the 5 seasons, and elements (Feng Shui)

SUNRAY G#B C#E G#E A C# (summer)
TWILIGHT E G B C E G B C (autumn)
SUFI F A D F A G A D (intermediary season)
BLUE MOON D F A B C E A#C (winter)

Each instrument has 8 metal cords of different lengths, welded with silver into a metal ring. Upon assembly, the cords are again carefully tuned to refine the interaction of tones and overtones into a continuous flow of harmonies. The proportions of the resonance-tube coincides with the ‘Golden Ratio’ principles of Da Vinci, thus assuring optimal sound and resonance.

Thin crushed and pressed layers of long fiber celluloid board create the perfect acoustic qualities for the warm timbre and crystalline sounds Zaphir Chimes are known for. Most of the materials used are natural, recyclable and of EEG origin / standards. The protective layers of varnish, and paint of the resonance-tube are ecological. The wooden parts are wax coated.

One chime per order. Photo shows various color options. Choose a few color preferences in notes and we will do our best to match your request. Color guarantees cannot be promised as we rotate colors throughout the year!

Additional information

Choice 1

Red, Orange, Peach, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Teal, Purple

Choice 2

Red, Orange, Peach, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Teal, Purple

Choice 3

Red, Orange, Peach, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Teal, Purple

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  1. Christopher Holly

    I’m so glad I found these chimes. It’s such a rich deeper tone. So soothing.

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