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Who We Are

For men and women who crave relaxation, Attunergy provides scent and sound tools that reprogram the brain for emotional self-regulation, reduce stress, and empower you to feel grounded.

We Help You Relax

All products are created to help you reach your maximum potential, whether that is to increase a sense of grounding, feel connected, reduce anxiety, increase self-love or to sleep better. We offer products to help with all imbalances that may arise throughout your life.

Pure and Certified Organic

For those seeking natural wellness alternatives, Attunergy provides products you can trust and that are safe for the body. We hand make each item, ensuring consistency, high-quality, and genuine care.

Winter Necessities

Just Breathe

This is the perfect diffuser and shower blend for stuffy noses, chest congestion, and allergies. Simply add a few drops to your favorite diffuser and Just Breathe! Bonus - add a couple of drops near your feet in a steamy shower for the ultimate experience!

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Focus on the Breath

We love this wellness roller because it replaces the traditional over-the-counter vapor rub. This is great to apply to the chest for congestion and even under the nose before bed. It's magically amazing at clearing the sinuses and helping you feel better.

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Our products

Our Products

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