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Earth's Secret

Earth's Secret

2 oz. glass spray bottle; Organic nutmeg, lavender, frankincense, alcohol-free witch hazel



An earthy, light, and relaxing scent that can take you on a journey as far as the imagination allows. It's calming, yet awakening at the same time! It is a unique blend to use during meditation or at the desk when feeling stressed out. This spray can also be enjoyed on the pillowcases and sheets or even on the body. It is safe, versatile, and enchanting!

Attunergy created this incredible blend to help you feel connected and uplifted simultaneously. The nutmeg is grounding and earthy while the frankincense helps you rise above any worries or doubt. The lavender calms the mind and puts any stress in the past. It works well for anxiety and will help you relax at any time or place.

This spray is also beautiful as a body spray. It is light and refreshing. When applied, your clothes will have a nice and welcoming scent for a few hours so you can enjoy the spray throughout your day. It is alcohol-free and safe for almost all skin types. Great to use in savasana for students at the end of yoga class.

Blend: Organic Nutmeg, Frankincense, Lavender, Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel

Nutmeg - grounds and connects, heals mental stress

Frankincense - uplifts and opens the mind, immunity; Jesus is mentioned in the bible using frankincense as a spiritual incense to cleanse and welcome guests

Lavender - calms and relaxes

Not recommended for use by children. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if pregnant or nursing.


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