Herbal Cleanse


Attunergy’s Herbal Cleanse Spray is a breath of fresh air for any space, blending organic sage, rosemary, and lemon in a 2 oz. glass bottle. This alcohol-free witch hazel formula offers a natural alternative to sage burning, instantly refreshing and purifying your surroundings with its herbal, calming aroma. Ideal for enhancing memory during study sessions or cleansing spaces of negative energy, it’s a versatile spray for linens, rooms, or even personal use. Embrace the clarity and protection it brings to your daily rituals.

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Herbal Cleanse Room and Linen Spray is perfect for any occasion! New house? Not so new car smell? Stuffy dorm room? Stinky shoes? This spray to the rescue! Herbal and refreshing, this will refresh any space in no time!

This spray is a great alternative if you can’t burn things (like sage) inside the home. Simply spray a few mists and your space will feel instantly cleansed. It’s filled with herbal notes and extremely calming. Herbal Cleanse is great to use while studying because of its ingredients’ positive effects on memory. This spray is great to cleanse alters or rooms and say goodbye to bad ju-ju!

Sage is also useful when working with the third eye and meditation. It is said to open the third eye to help find clarity and protect! Rosemary helps with memory and lemon is uplifting and puts a smile on any face. These pure, essential oils combined are fresh and herbaceous.

This spray is alcohol-free so you can use it on linen or even on the body. It is light, refreshing and calming. Try spraying a few mists on dryer balls and your clothes will smell amazing!

This formula is also available as a 100% undiluted diffuser blend! Check it out!

How to Use: Shake and spray generously anywhere!

Sage – antibacterial, antioxidant, digestive, strengthens memory

Rosemary – stress reducer, strengthen memory

Lemon – antimicrobial, stress reducer, mood improver

Not recommended for use by children. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if pregnant or nursing.


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