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Down to Earth


10 ml. oil roller; Organic atlas cedarwood, thieves, jojoba oil

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Down to Earth is excellent for cold prevention and immunity support. This blend contains Thieves oil, a special blend used during the Bubonic Plague! It helps to prevent colds and viruses naturally. It gives your immune system a little boost when it needs it most. This roll-on is a must have during travel and at work, especially if you work around other people. It is easy and effective to use so you can feel more relaxed. Slip this in your purse or pocket next time you attend an event, conference, and even to protect yourself from you kid’s school’s germs!

This blend can also help you feel connected, grounded, and at home because of its grounding and earthy aromas. This oil helps to focus on one’s basics needs and feeling safe and secure with the help of pure cedarwood. Thus, this roll-on can also be used for root chakra because of these properties.

Blend: Organic Cedarwood, Pure Thieves Blend (clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary), Organic Jojoba

Cedarwood – grounding

Thieves – immunity support and cold prevention

Jojoba – natural carrier oil to aid in absorption, nourishes the skin

How to Use: Apply to the bottom of feet before bed for immunity support. Good to use when in crowded areas or small spaces where a lot of people are. It can also be applied to the base of the spine near root chakra to ground and connect.

Thieves Oil Story – During the Bubonic Plague, thieves would go around town and rob from the dead bodies laying on the street. They were finally caught and the judge was going to have them all put to death. He was so shocked that none of the thieves contracted the deadly disease, that he said he would spare their lives if they told him how they managed to stay healthy. Well, the answer was a blend of essential oils, thus they created the name Thieves Oil from the oils they used to stay safe and healthy!

Not intended for use by children under 30 months of age. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if pregnant or nursing.


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