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Just Breathe


5 ml glass bottle; UNDILUTED Organic camphor, black spruce, cypress

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Respiratory and sinus relief is here! This diffuser blend was created for cold and sinus troubles. These oils help the lungs to feel better and reduce inflammation. It is minty and calms the body and mind. It can help break up mucus and congestion. It is refreshing and its’ properties are healing. Just Breathe can be used during the day or at night while sleeping, next to the bed. Its effects are calming and cooling. It’s a must have during cold and allergy season!

As a nice self-care bonus, you can add a couple of drops to a hot, steamy shower! Simply place a few drops on the floor of the shower, opposite of the faucet. Allow the water and essential oil blend to wash away any imbalances. You will feel the sinuses open and the mind relax.

Tired of relying on harmful chemicals to make you feel better or add fragrance to a room? Start here with Just Breathe organic blend. This diffuser blend will make any space feel lighter and more uplifting.

How to Use: Drop 6-8 drops of Just Breathe in your favorite diffuser. Number of drops may vary based on size of diffuser.

This product is 100% UNDILUTED essential oil and should never be used directly on the skin. This blend is made to go directly into a diffuser or onto lava bead jewelry. If you desire to use this on the chest, it must be diluted with a carrier oil to the appropriate dilution rate prior to applying.

Blend: Undiluted Organic Camphor, Black Spruce, Cypress

Camphor – anti-inflammatory, relieves chest congestion

Black Spruce – clears mucus and congestion, anti-inflammatory

Cypress – antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal

Not intended for use by children under 30 months of age. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if pregnant or nursing.

*These oils do not replace medical advice and treatment.


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