Crown Chakra Oil


Elevate your spiritual journey with our Crown Chakra oil, a gateway to the universe and your higher purpose. Infused with Clear Crystal Quartz, this powerful blend of organic Frankincense and Jojoba helps you release attachments and embrace inner guidance. Experience the transformative white light that heals and balances your entire being. Unlock your magic and amplify your energy with every application.

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The Crown Chakra connects humans to something greater, to a spiritual realm and to the universe. The seventh and most conscious energy we have may take a lifetime to truly connect with, trust, and balance! This chakra is also responsible for letting go of attachments, physical and emotional. We need to completely empty our cup to fill it with what is truly needed. The chakra aligns to our higher purpose and connects to our soul.

This oil can lighten rigid beliefs and help to focus on creating unbreakable inner guidance. Allow the head to open and receive a beautiful white light that can guide, transform, and heal. Imagine this white light entering each cell, bone, and muscle and healing and balancing your entire body. Breathe the light in and feel relaxed and more calm than ever before!

The QR code on the bottle will take you to a 5-minute guided meditation that is perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. It is paired perfectly to use with the oil blend and helps to clear the mind and balance the chakra.

This oil is infused with Clear Crystal Quartz, known as the master healer crystal and protector and like a beacon of light. Quartz is an amplifier and used to enhance energy. Holding quartz in your hand or using it to infuse will increase the power of anything!

How to Use: This is a powerful oil and can be applied essentially anywhere, top of the head (crown), third eye, chest, behind the ears, and more. Wherever you feel the need for brilliance and growth, roll away! You basically have a magic wand in your hand, do magic!

Blend: Organic Frankincense, Jojoba

Frankincense – healing, antibacterial, calming, all-purpose everything! It is said that Jesus used Frankincense as a spiritual incense!

Not recommended for use by children. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if pregnant or nursing.


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