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Third Eye Chakra Oil


10 ml. oil roller; 7 purple amethyst crystals; Organic sage, vetiver, lavender, jojoba oil

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The Third Eye Chakra represents intuition, perception, and awareness. It is the chakra responsible for meditation and spiritual communication. It may also be linked to headaches and sinus troubles. This oil helps to increase focus, determination, and seeing the truth in situations. With intention, the Third Eye essential oils can also increase psychic abilities.

Typically, when meditating, we bring our awareness to the third eye area. This helps us to focus on one point and eliminate distractions around us. It is also used as a focal point in meditation because it is in the same space as the pineal gland. Ancient gurus say that this area is where human ascension and enlightenment occur!

The QR code on the bottle will take you to a 5-minute guided meditation that is perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. It is paired perfectly to use with the oil blend and helps to clear the mind and balance the chakra.

This roll-on is great for meditation since the third eye and pineal gland work together. Using this product before meditation can help to focus the mind and bring calmness to the body. This blend may also aid in spiritual protection. Awareness and intention are key! Set a goal, breathe, apply the oil, repeat your favorite mantra or affirmation, breathe more, and feel peace.

The oil is infused with Amethyst crystals and stimulates healing. Together, this roller promotes an extremely strong aid to meditation and can be used directly on the third eye to enhance clarity and focus. The purple stones look beautiful and elegant in the bottle and supercharge this blend to help you reach your highest potential!

How to Use: Apply directly to the third eye area, the space between the eyebrows and repeat the mantra on the label. You can also create your own affirmation that is unique to you!

Blend: Organic Sage, Vetiver, Lavender, and Jojoba

Sage – excellent energy cleanser

Vetiver – promotes psychic awareness and intuition

Lavender – calms and centers

Attunergy created this oil to help with meditation. It can be extremely challenging and frustrating to meditate when first learning the basics. Even five minutes of meditation can seem like forever! It can be useful to use tools like essential oils to help bring focus into our thoughts and be able to still the body. Don’t give up! Keep practicing and dedicating time to yourself each day and it will get easier and you will gain insight little by little! Namaste!

Not recommended for use by children. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if pregnant or nursing.


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