Throat Chakra Oil


Enhance your communication with our Throat Chakra oil, a serene blue blend of organic Peppermint, Blue Chamomile, Lavender, and Jojoba. Infused with Sodalite crystals, this roller encourages clear and honest expression towards yourself and others, perfect for meetings or important conversations. Unlock your voice and speak your truth effortlessly!

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The Throat Chakra is a beautiful blue energy within the throat and neck region. It is responsible for honest communication and expression. The hands and arms are included, so creation (like building or making art) by using the hands, is part of this energy as well. Additionally, the thyroid is located here and therefore metabolism can be impacted. This blend helps to open the throat to encourage clear and honest communication. We love this roll-on in the office or school because it gives us courage before a big meeting or important conversation. Now you can be your best, at any time!

The QR code on the bottle will take you to a 5-minute guided meditation that is perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. It is paired perfectly to use with the oil blend and helps to clear the mind and balance the chakra.

The oil is infused with Sodalite crystals that stimulate thought and analysis as well as allows one to speak and know the truth. These stones strengthen creativity and communication. There are seven crystals in every bottle to represent each of the chakras.

How to Use: Apply directly to the throat and repeat the mantra on the label, “I Speak”, or create your own affirmation to use!

Blend: Organic Peppermint, Blue Chamomile, Lavender, Jojoba

Attunergy created this blend to help with communication and speaking our truth, even when it’s hard. We also kept in mind that some people, well… may speak a little too often! So, this roll-on was developed to help balance the need to speak all the time versus being shy and holding back. Communicating clearly and effectively is difficult, but Attunergy is listening!

Not recommended for use by children. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if pregnant or nursing.


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