Heart Chakra Oil


Embrace pure love and forgiveness with our Heart Chakra oil, a harmonious blend of organic Eucalyptus, Spearmint, and Jojoba. Infused with Aventurine crystals, this roller opens your heart to gratitude, joy, and new growth. Perfect for meditation, it brings clarity and love to your journey. Feel the healing power of love and renewal with every glide of this roll-on!

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The Heart Chakra connects the three lower chakras to the three upper chakras. It is a beautiful green energy in the chest that also includes the upper back. If the lower three chakras are imbalanced, it is very difficult to assure that the heart chakra is balanced. It is important to evaluate the lower three chakras first, as a general note. When in balance, we feel pure, unconditional love for ourselves and others; We are compassionate and forgiving. However, when this chakra becomes imbalanced, we can feel grief and resentment. Even pains and anger from decades ago can keep the heart chakra imbalanced. We must face these emotions and events head on and do our best to forgive, as hard as it may seem.

This blend helps to open the heart to feel gratitude and joy, as well as allows us to have forgiveness for ourselves and others. It is excellent before meditation because the minty scent brings awareness and focus within the body and helps to reduce distractions. It is a powerful blend of eucalyptus and spearmint that you can feel opens the heart right away!

The QR code on the bottle will take you to a 5-minute guided meditation that is perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike. It is paired perfectly to use with the oil blend and helps to clear the mind and balance the chakra.

This oil is infused with Aventurine crystals that help to release old behavior patterns that are no longer useful. The crystals also harmonize and allow one to leave the head space and return to the heart space! Aventurine encourages new personal growth including new insights and through the use of this oil and meditation, you will gain more clarity and love.

How to Use: Apply to the chest and feel the heart and sinuses open. Breathe in and feel more love! Also great before meditation and while repeating the mantra ‘I am Love’ while applying or creating your own personal affirmation.

Secret Attunergy Tip: This blend is great for colds and makes an excellent sinus and congestion chest rub!

Blend: Organic Eucalyptus, Spearmint, Jojoba

Not recommended for use by children. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if pregnant or nursing.


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