Ocean Drum with Wave Beads & Hardwood Frame • Goat Skin & Plexy


  • Incredibly light-weight ocean drum with beautiful wave-like sounds
  • Feels like walking along a beach
  • Solid frame from natural Siam Oak (Hevea Brasiliensis)
  • 2 different faces (One made of goat skin, the other from clear plexy-plastic)
  • Features a sealable filling port that allows you to control the number of beads inside
  • Contains multiple different beads (White, Clear, and Metallic)
  • Soothing sounds for healing sessions

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Experience the Authentic Soundscapes of the 12-Inch Natural Percussion Ocean Drum

Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of the ocean with our 12-inch Natural Percussion Ocean Drum. Designed to evoke the calming and rhythmic waves of the sea, this instrument is ideal for enhancing meditation, sound therapy sessions, and musical performances. The ocean drum produces natural, wave-like sounds that create a tranquil and relaxing auditory experience.

Compact Size with Rich Sound

The 12-inch diameter of this ocean drum provides a perfect balance between portability and sound quality. Despite its compact size, it produces a rich, resonant sound that mimics the gentle ebb and flow of ocean waves. This size is ideal for personal use, ensuring that you can easily carry it with you to any session or performance. The sound carries and works well in any size room. 

Expertly Crafted with Premium Materials

This ocean drum is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. It features a durable hardwood frame and a drumhead made from authentic goat skin, known for its superior sound quality and resilience. The combination of the hardwood frame and goatskin drumhead ensures a rich, warm tone that enhances the natural wave sounds produced by the drum. Each drum is made in Indonesia using traditional craftsmanship techniques, ensuring both quality and authenticity.

Lightweight and Durable for Ease of Use

The lightweight design of this ocean drum makes it easy to handle and play for extended periods. Its robust construction ensures longevity, allowing you to enjoy the serene sounds of the ocean drum for years to come. Whether you are an experienced sound healer or a beginner, the lightweight and ergonomic design make it accessible for everyone to create captivating rhythms effortlessly.

Versatile Applications for Every Setting

The 12-inch size of this ocean drum makes it versatile enough to suit a variety of applications. Use it to enhance your yoga and meditation practices, create a peaceful atmosphere in your home, or incorporate it into therapeutic sessions to help clients reach a state of deep relaxation. The ocean drum’s versatility ensures it integrates seamlessly into any environment, providing a calming and serene ambiance.

Aesthetic and Visual Appeal

In addition to its beautiful sound, this ocean drum features a clear drumhead with visible wave beads inside. The beads create a captivating visual effect that mirrors the rhythmic motion of ocean waves. The elegant design adds both auditory and visual beauty to your space, making it a stunning addition to any setting.

Key Features:

  • Size: 12-inch diameter for perfect portability and sound quality
  • Weight: Lightweight design for easy handling and extended play
  • Sound: Produces realistic ocean wave sounds with rich, resonant tones
  • Design: Clear drumhead with visible wave beads, providing both auditory and visual appeal
  • Material: Made from authentic goatskin and a durable hardwood frame
  • Origin: Handcrafted in Indonesia using traditional techniques
  • Versatility: Ideal for sound therapy, yoga, meditation, and home decor

Enhance your auditory experiences with the 12-Inch Natural Percussion Ocean Drum. Whether you aim to elevate your personal meditation practice or add a new dimension to your sound healing sessions, this ocean drum is the perfect tool to transport you and your audience to a state of serene bliss. Order yours today and let the calming sounds of ocean waves bring tranquility into your life.


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