Seed Shaker Juju


  • Handmade in Indonesia from tropical, dried Juju seeds
  • Produces a warm sound, slightly louder than Pangi
  • Available in a hand shaker, bracelet, ankle bracelet, or XXL hand shaker
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Elevate Your Sound Sessions with the Juju Seed Shaker Collection

Immerse yourself in the world of rhythm and movement with our versatile Seed Shaker Collection. Perfect for enhancing sound healing sessions, these instruments produce vibrant, resonant sounds that add a dynamic layer to any auditory experience.

Available in Four Unique Variations

Choose from four distinct variations to suit your needs and preferences:

  • Hand Shaker: Ideal for traditional hand-held use, providing control and precision in your rhythms.
  • Bracelet: Wear it on your wrist to add rhythmic accompaniment to your movements.
  • Ankle Bracelet: Strap it to your ankle to create captivating sounds with every step, providing a nice distraction from incidental noises during a session.
  • XXL Hand Shaker: Offers a larger size for a deeper, more resonant sound, perfect for creating powerful rhythmic patterns.

Handcrafted with Authentic Juju Seeds

Each shaker is meticulously handcrafted using authentic Juju seeds, known for their robust sound quality. Juju seeds are larger, louder, and produce a less soft tone compared to Pangi seeds, providing a distinct and powerful sound. The natural seeds create clear, resonant tones that add a unique texture to your music. The handcrafted nature ensures each shaker is a one-of-a-kind creation, with slight variations that enhance its natural beauty and sound.

Durable and Comfortable Design

The seed shakers are designed for both durability and comfort. The strong yet flexible cord ensures the seeds stay securely in place, while the ergonomic design allows for easy handling and use. The ankle bracelet variation is adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit for most practitioners.

Eco-Friendly and Ethically Made

At Attunergy, we prioritize sustainability and ethical craftsmanship. These seed shakers are made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring your purchase supports sustainable practices and respects the environment. By choosing our Juju Seed Shaker Collection, you invest in high-quality instruments while supporting positive environmental and ethical impacts.

Key Features:

  • Variations: Available as a hand shaker, bracelet, ankle bracelet, or XXL hand shaker
  • Material: Made from authentic tropical, dried Juju seeds for vibrant, resonant tones
  • Design: Ergonomic and adjustable designs for comfortable use
  • Origin: Handcrafted using traditional techniques
  • Versatility: Ideal for musical performances, dance routines, and sound therapy
  • Eco-Friendly: Made from sustainable materials

Enhance Your Sound Healing Sessions

Elevate your auditory and movement practices with our Juju Seed Shaker Collection. Whether you aim to add a dynamic layer to your musical performance, enhance your dance routine, or incorporate rhythmic sounds into your sound healing sessions, these versatile instruments are the perfect tools to bring rhythm and resonance into your life. Order your preferred variation today and let the captivating sounds of Juju seeds enhance your rhythmic journey.

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