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Winter Must-Haves!

  • Winter
    The Blue Moon Zaphir Chime is a captivating instrument that embodies the essence of love, abundance, fertility, and beauty, all while representing the serene beauty of the winter season. Not just any ordinary chime, the Blue Moon produces magical sounds that can transform any space into a tranquil sanctuary, making it perfect for sound healings, spas, savasana, or general relaxation. Each chime is unique, promising a special and beautiful addition to your home or practice space. Please choose 3 top color preferences below:
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    Cold & Flu Bundle

    Cold & Flu Care Pack

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    • Cold and flu bundle pack
    • Includes two roll-ons and one diffuser and shower blend
    • Down to Earth can be used as a preventative or when feeling imbalanced
    • Perfect for colds and allergies
    • Travel friendly
  • Immunity
    Attunergy's Down to Earth Wellness Roller is a grounding blend designed to bolster your immunity and connect you with the earth's stabilizing energies. This 10 ml oil roller combines organic atlas cedarwood and a potent thieves oil blend with jojoba oil, offering protection against colds and viruses while nurturing a sense of security and grounding. Inspired by the historical use of thieves oil during the Bubonic Plague for its protective properties, this roller is a modern-day essential for supporting your immune system. Ideal for use during travel, in crowded places, or anytime you need to fortify your defenses.
  • Sinus & Congestion
    Attunergy's Focus on the Breath Wellness Roller is a natural remedy designed to clear your sinuses and enhance your breathing. This 10 ml glass oil roller combines organic camphor, myrtle, sweet marjoram, wintergreen, and lemon with jojoba oil, creating a powerful blend that opens airways and provides relief from congestion. Ideal for those seeking an alternative to traditional chest rubs, this roller is perfect for use during colds, meditation, or any moment that requires deep, clear breaths. Its minty and refreshing aroma helps to focus the mind and encourages a sense of calm, making it a must-have for allergy season, meditation practices, or simply to enjoy a moment of deep breathing and relaxation.
  • Respiratory & Sinus
    Find relief and relaxation with our 'Just Breathe' diffuser blend, crafted for cold, sinus, and allergy troubles. This refreshing blend of Undiluted Organic Camphor, Black Spruce, and Cypress oils clears congestion, calms the mind, and promotes respiratory wellness. Elevate your self-care routine and transform any space into a soothing oasis! For a spa-like experience at home, add a few drops to a hot, steamy shower to help clear the lungs and create a refreshing ambiance.
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    Winter Seasonal

    Spruce It Up

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    2 oz. glass spray bottle; Organic peppermint, black spruce, alcohol-free witch hazel