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Discover Attunergy's range of all-natural, handmade wellness products. From essential oil blends to sound healing tools, find everything you need for a more relaxed and balanced life.

  • Anxiety Relief
    Attunergy's Find Your Roots Spray is your grounding escape, encapsulated in a 2 oz. glass bottle. Crafted with organic pine, atlas cedarwood, and vetiver, mixed with alcohol-free witch hazel, this blend is a powerful tool for grounding and centering yourself. Its deep, earthy tones are specifically chosen to connect you with the stabilizing energies of the earth, making it perfect for moments when you need to anchor your thoughts and find calmness. Whether you're facing anxiety, needing focus, or preparing for rest, this spray brings the grounding effects of a walk in the forest directly to you, promoting a profound sense of peace and well-being.
  • Pillow Spray
    For a serene journey to dreamland, Attunergy's Sleepy Time Spray combines the calming essence of organic lavender, sage, and geranium with the refreshing scents of orange and black spruce in a 2 oz. glass bottle. Infused with rose absolute for a subtle floral aroma and herbal undertones, this blend is your go-to nightly ritual for relaxation and sweet dreams. Perfect for linens and pillows, it's essential for a peaceful, restful night's sleep.
  • Self-Love
    Attunergy's Flower Power Spray is a vibrant celebration of self-love and happiness, packed in a 2 oz. glass bottle. This blend combines organic geranium, ylang ylang, rose, and lavender with alcohol-free witch hazel to create a floral haven. It's perfect for uplifting spirits, enhancing mood, and promoting a sense of well-being. Ideal for use on the body, linens, or any space needing a touch of floral bliss, Flower Power is your go-to for a burst of joy and tranquility.
  • Relaxation
    Our Calm & Happy Wellness Roll-On is a serene blend that promises to elevate your mood while soothing your mind. This 10 ml oil roller marries the refreshing essence of organic lemongrass with the tranquil aroma of lavender. It's designed to offer an oasis of calm in any situation, reducing stress and anxiety without inducing drowsiness. Ideal for those moments when you need a quick emotional reset, Calm & Happy is perfect for on-the-go use, whether you're at the office, traveling, or simply seeking a moment of peace in your day. Its uplifting yet relaxing scent is a simple, pure, and effective way to manage emotions and enhance your overall sense of well-being.
  • Immunity
    Attunergy's Down to Earth Wellness Roller is a grounding blend designed to bolster your immunity and connect you with the earth's stabilizing energies. This 10 ml oil roller combines organic atlas cedarwood and a potent thieves oil blend with jojoba oil, offering protection against colds and viruses while nurturing a sense of security and grounding. Inspired by the historical use of thieves oil during the Bubonic Plague for its protective properties, this roller is a modern-day essential for supporting your immune system. Ideal for use during travel, in crowded places, or anytime you need to fortify your defenses.
  • Summer


    The Sunray Zaphir Chime is a radiant embodiment of summer's warmth and vitality. This chime captures the essence of sunlight that nourishes and sustains life on Earth. It's designed to bring the vibrant energy of summer into any space, making it perfect for sound healings, spas, savasana, or simply to infuse your environment with a sense of brightness and joy. Each Sunray chime is a unique piece that adds not only beautiful sounds, but also a visual element of warmth to your home. Its melody is like a sunbeam, cutting through the gloom to uplift and energize, reminding us of the power of light and its ability to bring life to everything it touches. Please choose 3 top color preferences below:
    • 99.9% crystal quartz sound bowls,
    • 432 Hz
    • Beautiful solid rainbow chakra colors
    • Perfect for meditation, relaxation, and sound healing
    • Easy to play
  • Security
    Ground yourself and find inner peace with our Root Chakra oil, a smokey and earthy blend of Pure Virginia Cedarwood, Palo Santo, and Organic Jojoba. Infused with seven Red Jasper crystals, this roll-on awakens your life force energy, fostering balance and security. Connect with your true self and feel grounded with every application!
  • Emotions
    Embrace your creativity and sensuality with our Sacral Chakra oil, a radiant blend of organic Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit, and Jojoba. Infused with Carnelian crystals, this roll-on releases stress and trauma, restoring balance and vitality. Manifest your desires and embrace change with every application!
  • Action